Rico exit chased by a bear

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Here is Rico, having met on Couchsurfing, leaving in the most stylish of manners

C’man and Danbuoy

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Sailing with C’man, and there’s Danbuoy in the distance with the red sail… Off Borth by the looks of it.


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Prizes at the best regatta in all the seven seas

Fibreglass Gary

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The day came – a tiny window of opportunity between storms – when Gary could do his thing. Here he rollers on resin onto glassfibre cloth entirely covering the structure which both waterproofs and strengthens.

He then rollered on a dark grey gelcoat.


More on the ‘Pod’

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Dylan panels out the framework with plywood…

while Harvey poses within…

then a spot of lunch with a view.

Work starts on ‘Love me or leave me alone’

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We start work on the pod for the Morrison’s latest work ‘Love me or leave me alone’. Hats is here stripping the bark and sapwood off four oak branches that will form the legs of the structure…

…downing tools at sunset…

They are then stood upright and integrated into the framework with timber from the woodland. The thin timbers are temporary – they help me visualise the final form.